At a time when some are predicting increasing conflict between Western and Muslim nations, Abdul-Nabi Isstaif writes from Damascus with a call for partnership.
01 December 1999
Martin Henry is a communications consultant and a lecturer in Communication at the University of Technology, Jamaica.
01 August 1999
John Bocock is a dairy and grain farmer in the Canadian prairies to the north of Edmonton, Alberta.
01 June 1999
Elvyra Kucinskaite is Chief Editor of the Lithuanian Catholic monthly magazine, 'Sandora'
01 April 1999
William Smook is a Cape Town-based journalist and subeditor, and Vice-Chairman of the Cape Town Press Club
01 February 1999
Faustina Starrett is Coordinator of Media Programmes at the North West Institute of Further and Higher Education in Derry, Northern Ireland.
01 December 1998
Dr Bertrand Piccard, now preparing for his third attempt to fly around the world in a balloon, is a psychiatrist in Lausanne, Switzerland. The above is taken from an illustrated lecture he gave at Caux in August.
01 October 1998
Dr Franklin Sonn is South Africa's Ambassador to the United States. This article is based on a talk he gave to a reunion of the Caux Scholars Programme in Washington, DC.
01 August 1998
Jean-Jacques Odier is a Swiss journalist, playwright and pro-family activist.
01 June 1998
Yukihisa Fujita is a Member of the Japanese House of Representatives and the Deputy Director General of the Democratic Party of Japan's Global Citizens' Bureau.
01 April 1998