Questioning one’s ability to stay neutral, not knowing exactly the right thing to do next, feeling powerless to change the way things are—who amongst us in the field of peacemaking and conflict resolution has not had similar thoughts and experiences?
01 February 2005
A white liberal baby-boomer rose to protest the trend: ‘We are proud of our diversity in this school, but we don’t want to have too much diversity!’
01 December 2004
Some ridicule North Korea for their paranoia, but when one learns about the troubled history of the Korean Peninsula one begins to understand where they are coming from.
01 October 2004
'An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind', said Mahatma Gandhi.
01 August 2004
The state does not interfere as long as law and order do not come under threat. However, this tends to create a situation where ‘communityism’ reigns, and ghettos can develop.
01 June 2004
Such euphemisms as ‘presents’, ‘brown envelopes’, ‘collateral things’, even ‘bribes’ do not describe the reality. This system of bribes is best described as medical terrorism. Bribes are what doctors receive. Terror is what the population experiences.
01 April 2004
The question on many lips, however, is why has it taken so long?
01 February 2004
UNESCO is often criticized for its lack of efficiency, for the fact that too big a slice of the budget goes to the Paris Secretariat. Yes, it is a mammoth institution-but it has undoubtedly been allotted a mammoth task, a task that is perhaps of greater importance today then ever before.
01 December 2003
Fuad Nahdi is publisher and founder-editor of the British Muslim monthly magazine, ‘Q-News’.
01 October 2003
Laurence Cockcroft is chairman of Transparency International’s UK chapter and a member of TI’s main board.
01 August 2003